Red Ant FX Services

  • Breakaway glass made to order:
    bottles, glasses, vases, windows, tables*
  • Models and molds:
    model making and casting service
  • Props Installation:
    experienced on-set props services
  • Design:
    props design and consultancy
  • Pyrotechnics
    pyro design, film & live events

Capabilities: Breakaway models and prop

Common props

The Redant FX workshop, located at Fox Studios Australia is equiped with capailities for making breakaway glass, model making, small prop duplication for film, television, advertising and live theatre. We keep a wide variety of ready-made molds for standard requirements such as beer bottles, wine bottles, glasses and other commonly used props.

Not so common props

We are also equiped with the capabilities to manufacture moulds for your custom props designs and creations. If your script requires the inclusion of models and props that require the production of a whole new mould that is not available off the shelf from our range, then we’re more than capable of providing that service.

* Our  breakaway glass samples are based on basic/generic designs with simple geometry. Glass sheets can be limited to area depending on transport requirements