Breakaway Glass safety

Breakaway glass & props for Film,TV, TVCs and Theatre. Red Ant’s breakaway products offer a safe solution for film, television, advertising and live theatre where the potentially dangerous effect of glass breaking has been written into a script. Red Ant’s breakaway glass is completely safe and offers a convincing alternative to the real thing. Even if it’s a simple bottle of beer, a beer glass, a glass window pane or an ornate vase, breaking or smashing any type of glass can be extremely dangerous and ultimately expensive if crew or cast are hurt. That’s why it’s important to consider using breakaway glass or candy glass in any scene where glass is required.

1. DO NOT hit a person with a breakaway bottle without warning. They may turn at the last moment and receive eye damage. At any rate they will not know to keep their eyes closed.

2. Do NOT hit to the front of the head or face. The unbroken portion of the bottle remaining in your hand may scratch or puncture an eye. Bits of broken plastic may fall into the eyes.

3. DO CLOSE your eyes (yours and the intended victim’s) on impact and keep them closed until they have been checked and brushed clean with a soft brush. The victim’s eyes should remain closed until his/her hair has been brushed clean of all residue and dust.

4. DO NOT FOLLOW THROUGH! The hit should be made firmly, with a “bouncing” motion as though your arm has rebounded from the impact. This prevents scratches to the victim’s cheeks, ears or neck.

5. DO NOT hit with the end or corner of a bottle. These areas of the bottle are more rigid and can cause pain or bruises, especially with a thick bottle. Always hit with the centre of a round bottle and the flat side of a rectangular bottle.

6. DO NOT wave broken breakaway glass props near someone’s face

7. DO NOT attempt any of the preceding with anyone who is not willing to risk superficial skin scratches or bruises. In our experience this happens rarely, but it can happen and should be taken into account when deciding whether to become involved in a stunt using breakaway glass.

8. DO NOT swallow broken breakaway glass. Although the product is no more toxic than a take-away coffee cup, the rough edges of the particles could cause internal damage.

9. DO NOT put liquid in a breakaway glass prop item unless it is at the same temperature as the glass. Otherwise the glass will crack.

10. DO TAKE it easy and take care on your backswing – reversing directions too quickly when swinging a bottle around can break the bottle off at the neck, sending it flying in and unintended direction.

11. DO HAVE everyone involved in the stunt read these cautions.

12. DO NOT do it without guidance from and experienced person.