Terms and Agreement

Breakaway glass (candy glass), in sheet form or as an object such as a bottle or drinking glass or cup shape is extremely fragile and can break easily;

• in transport
• by mishandling
• due to extreme weather conditions
• inappropriate storage

Red Ant FX will package your breakaway glass to ASSIST with easy transport, storage and removal from its packaging. Red Ant FX cannot guarantee that your product will be delivered without breakage, splitting, cracking or melting.

Before taking delivery of your product, we require that you sign the “Agreement” document. This is to confirm that you accept that after the product is removed from the premises (Building 43, The Conrad Rothmann Building, Fox Studios Australia) Red Ant Pyro (Adam Kealy and Russell Barker) are no longer responsible for breakage, splitting, cracking or general damage to the product unless otherwise agreed to with the production company or authorised production personnel.

If you purchase online checking the “I agree” checkbox during the “Checkout” confirms that you agree to the Terms.

If you are signing a paper version of the same form, before signing, please check that the product that you have ordered is correct and in good condition before removing from the packaging. Please feel free to ask advice on transport or carrying the product if you are unsure.